Thursday, 11 June 2009

new beaded jewelry - rings 10

This beaded ring is made with 4mm, 3mm crystal beads and seed beads. Do you like this beaded ring? If you like please leave a comment.


ssimoxxx said...

sarebbe bellissimo anche in viola e in bianco i colori dell'estate.
Buon week end.
Ciao SIMO.

MiaBiju said...

Hi thank you for your visit.
I allready add you on my blog, too.
I really loved your work.

Wedding Rings said...

The huge sized finger rings steal the the chic green design.

Cakau said...

Adorable! :)

Valfreya said...

WOW :)
it's bautiful!

mar said...

Of course, I like it so much is very beautiful..for me is a pleausure to see all your jewerleys kisses